Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I had a great Christmas!

Yes, I had a wonderful Christmas, and even though it is almost Valentine's Day, I just wanted to post a pictures of my beautiful jeweler's bench. It has a familiar Ugly Duckling story arc to it. I found it on Craig's list, and drove about 2 hours north to get it. I bought it (no haggling) for $30 dollars, and it is really too bad I didn't take a "before" picture because the entire thing was rusty and warped from being left in a barn or outside in the rain.
I started to repair the wooden desk by prying the wooden slats apart and planing the hard wood, but school started and I didn't have the time or access to the tools. Lo and behold, my dad and my brother in law Brian stepped in and finished the project for me. And it was my big Christmas surprise.

I have no idea how old the piece is, but it is definitely missing the catch tray that came with it. It was made by William Dixon, Inc. in Newark, NJ. I did a little research online, and I think the company was bought out by Grobet U.S.A. in 1964. To make the gift even sweeter we went to Harbor Freight and bought a light with a built in magnifier to go with it for another 30 dollars. A little money and a lot of elbow grease looks pretty good.