Monday, May 5, 2008

My Ikea Hack-Job

This is the "Before" image of the Ikea child's table and chairs I bought and put together last year. This model is called Latt.
Here is the "After":

This is the finished paint and resurfacing job I did. I painted the whole thing with a primer, then I painted the wood black.
It is important ot note that the table top and chair tops were cheap, flimsy cardboard. But, I thought they could be strenghtened with a resin top.
I added little paint chips that you can pick up for free from the paint section of Home Depot or Lowes. (It took a while to cut with scissors. Next time I'll use a paper cutter.) I purposely placed them to look like I had tiled the surface. Then I mixed a two part resin epoxy for the hard surface on the top. Voila! A table and two chairs with a new twist. Not bad for a redo on a $20 set.

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